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NEWS October 1, 2015

Beatly is STING Super Seller of the Month!


The STING Accelerate company Beatly wins STING Super Seller, an internal competition among STING’s current companies. The team that has succeeded with the best sales achievement each month is selected as our Super Seller.

Sales is key for us at STING. We constantly motivate, inspire and educate our entrepreneurs in sales tactics and strategy, and it is an area that is regularly taken up in the daily coaching. Each month we run the internal competition STING Super Seller. The winner is chosen by an individual assessment of the entire sales process – not just the total order value, but also about how important the customer or deal is for the company’s growth.

The team that has impressed us the most this month is Beatly: Andreas, Viktor and Alexander. During the month, the team closed a deal with an important customer in the fashion industry – valued to 140 000 SEK. Well done!

We asked the sales manager Victor: What are your tricks?
– Our best sales trick is to ask the right questions and sell the product/service in the way that best suits the customer.

How do you work with sales?
– We work with careful exploration, and really consider the value we want to create for the customer as well as high frequency (i.e., contacting as many good customers as possible, in as short a time as possible). We constantly strive to build a close relationship with the customer and to over deliver and exceed their expectations. At the same time, we try not to promise too much – we tend to lower expectations a bit at first, so we don’t put excessive pressure on ourselves during the sales process. Then we put a greater focus on doing a better job and over-delivering.

Find Beatly in social media: Facebook & Instagram.

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