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NEWS December 12, 2016

Avito-founders invest in food-waste service Karma


Jonas Nordlander and Filip Engelbert invest in food-waste service Karma. Together with Norrsken Foundation, founded by Niklas Adalberth, and several well-known Swedish business angels, Karma has closed its round of financing and is now focusing on growth in Sweden and globally.

Jonas Nordlander and Filip Engelbert have previously built one of the most valuable companies in the Swedish Internet history – Avito. Now the duo is working with investments in several companies and the latest in the line is the successful food-waste app Karma.

– It is a strong team that has the necessary experience from startups, and the timing is perfect for their idea. It is a strength to come from the tech side and then go into foodtech, instead of vice versa, says Jonas Nordlander, founder of Avito.

Karma has since its launch on November 8th grown explosively. Over half a ton of food has been saved by the 80 restaurants and cafés in central Stockholm that have joined. Karma has also recently signed an agreement with AMF Fastigheter, which owns a large number of properties in the Stockholm region where restaurants and cafés often are tenants.

– Sustainability is an important part of AMF Fastigheter’s daily work and the Karma app is an incredibly exciting initiatives to reduce food waste. We are delighted to now be able to start cooperating with Karma, and believe and hope that there will be considerable interest among the restaurants and cafés in our properties to join. The advantage is that you can both sell your excess mat and get to know your customers better through the service, says Annelie Gullström, business development manager at AMF Fastigheter.

Until now, the Karma app has only existed for download through the App Store for iPhone. In the days to come, Karma will also launch in the Google Play Store for Android. At the same time, updates are made to the service, both for consumers and the part of the system that restaurants and cafés are working toward.

– It’s great that we now have come to the point where restaurants and cafés contact us and want to help save food. It takes only 15 minutes for a restaurant that contact us and joins to have their foods in the app, and when it’s time to put out food for sale, it takes less than 30 seconds of their time, all to minimize the work for them. A simple and fast service is one of the most important factors to continue to grow quickly and save more high-quality food in Sweden and soon internationally, says Hjalmar Stahlberg Nordgren, CEO and co-founder of Karma.

One of the most recent major chains to conclude agreements with Karma is Gateau. With 22 stores in Stockholm, Gateau wants to join and minimize the environmental impact in today’s society.

– We invest a lot of time and effort to minimize our daily wastage and our new partnership with Karma is another important addition to our long-term strategy to reduce our climate impact, says Sara Hallqvist, sales manager at Gateau AB.

Karma has now closed the financing round where the company brought in seven million Swedish crowns. The money will be used to rapidly grow nationally and internationally. The fact that a number of the investors in Karma, such as Magnus Bergman, Mr. Miksche, Lars Lindgren, Niklas Adalberth and Jonas Nordlander, are found on Di Digitals Sweden’s 52 most powerful tech investors brings a lot of experience and knowledge to the journey that Karma has ahead of them.

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Karma was part of STING Accelerate in the fall of 2015. Read more about the program here.