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NEWS February 21, 2023

Oil eating fungi – in Mycomine’s plant at Ytterby gruva

A world first, unique treatment plant has recently been established in Ytterby mine, Sweden. It is the first of its kind where fungi break down and recycle oil-based pollutants. The company MycoMine has found a sustainable solution to an unsustainable problem – a problem that requires immediate action.

Ytterby mine, just outside Waxholm in the Stockholm archipelago, was used during the Cold War as a fuel depot by the Swedish military. Most of the mine shaft was filled with propellant, like a giant oil tank. When the political tensions subsided, the mine was decommissioned as a military gas station and instead became the subject of environmental cleanup. Still today, Ytterby mine is in need of cleanup.

The reason is that oil-based environmental toxins are almost impossible to get rid of in a sustainable way. Today’s methods either involve burning the oils, which leads to increased carbon dioxide emissions – something we definitely want to avoid with today’s rampant climate situation. Or, they are put in landfill while waiting for new methods to be developed – leading to unnecessary costs and disruption of sensitive ecosystems and human health.

At MycoMine, which develops biological methods for handling environmental toxins, they decided to find a solution to the problem.

“We wanted to develop a method where oils are broken down in a sustainable way and can be returned to the natural cycles – back to the carbon cycle. We wanted to avoid the oils being converted and released as greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at all costs. That’s why we took inspiration from nature’s finest decomposers, namely fungi, and developed a green technology where the environmentally hazardous oils are turned into environmentally friendly biomass,” said CEO and one of the founders, Magnus Ivarsson.

In MycoMine’s newly established treatment plant MycoCube out in Ytterby, the fungi do the work. They break down the oils and convert them into biomass – a completely natural end product that can be recycled in a sustainable way, back to nature. No additional additives are necessary, only the fungi’s own abilities are optimized in the system.

“The Swedish Fortifications Agency, which owns and manages the Ytterby mine, hopes that this method will become an important complement to other remediation methods.For many years, we have worked with traditional remediation in Ytterby mine. For us, it is interesting and valuable to support and follow this sustainable project, which is now moving from basic research to application. The method speeds up the natural processes, and we hope for positive results that can be of great benefit both in Ytterby mine, elsewhere in our property portfolio, and for society at large,” said Gunnar Edlund, specialist at the Swedish Fortifications Agency.

The need is great in industry, municipalities and administration. Hundreds of millions of tons of oil-based pollution are in landfills waiting to be processed. And every year the volumes increase at an alarming rate. Magnus Ivarsson summarizes:

“The countries of the world have jointly decided that by 2050 our planet will be fossil-free, which means an end to the use of fossil fuels. We at MycoMine believe that the environmental debt built up by man through the use of fossil fuels in the last 150 years should, by then, also be paid. Therefore, we are now looking for new partners in the form of both customers and investors so that we have the opportunity to scale up our business and grow as a company.”

For further information:


tel: 070-2428687

Uncategorized February 20, 2023

Applications are now open for the CASSINI Business Accelerator, a program supporting founders in the European space tech ecosystem

Sting, Plug and Play, Verhaert Masters in Innovation, and CIVITTA launches the CASSINI Business Accelerator (CBA) a 6-months program to support startups within the space sector.

The equity-free program is an opportunity to receive hands-on support from a diverse team of experienced mentors and industry experts, as well as access to a prestige network of investors and potential partners.

A startup participating in the six-month-long program can expect to:

  • Refine and validate its business models and value propositions, under the guidance of dedicated coaches and international mentors
  • Expand its business opportunities internationally by leveraging the CBA team’s deep-rooted knowledge of local markets, ecosystems, business culture, and investors, across European markets
  • Obtain a seed voucher, upon successfully completing the acceleration program to continue your growth trajectory

The program is looking for startups and scaleups with products or technologies dedicated to space in both upstream and downstream applications. To meet eligibility criteria, startups must be EU-owned and SME size. A highly ambitious and versatile founding team with relevant experience with proven commercial traction and product-market fit is also required.

Sting will mentor the accepted companies from Sweden and Norway in areas such as sales and business development, investment readiness, and market expansion.

Applications are open until March 3, further information can be found here.


The CASSINI Space Entrepreneurship Initiative is a European Commission entrepreneurial support mechanism that cuts across all components of EU Space Program. It offers actions targeted at the full entrepreneurial lifecycle – from idea generation to market entry and growth – and covers both the upstream and downstream sectors.

The CASSINI Business Accelerator is part of the CASSINI initiative. The accelerator will be an intensive six-month initiative offering high-level business and investment coaching, training, events and seed funding. It will aim to improve startup and scale-up companies’ ability to achieve sustained commercial growth.

Uncategorized February 7, 2023

14 new Sting startups out to tackle big, societal challenges

Electric boats, interactive training using simulations in a computer game environment, and a collaborative app for separated parents. These innovative solutions are included in the spring batch of Sting Accelerate, Incubate, and Incubate Deeptech. The 14 startups are meeting in Sting’s premises at A house, Stockholm, for a joint kickoff before the start of the spring programs.

“This batch includes a really exciting breadth in everything from heavy DeepTech and cloud storage to B2B SaaS solutions making organizations more efficient. We have received many high-quality applications, and it’s clear that today’s entrepreneurs really want to make a difference and contribute to positive societal development,” said Fredrik Rosengren, Program Manager for Sting Accelerate.

During the spring, the entrepreneurs will be challenged by their coaches and get access to a range of workshops. They will attend investor meetings and get to know the Sting community, consisting of hundreds of alumni, peers, investors, and industry contacts. They also receive support in everything from financing to team development, recruitment from Sting’s internal team, and a network of mentors. The startups admitted to Sting’s programs also have the option of a 500,000 sek investment from Propel Capital.

One of the new companies, Dialog, is developing a digital tool to help speech therapists and adults with language disorders attain more effective language training.

“We are about to release the first version of our product and believe Sting will be able to help us scale on the Swedish market, as a start, and later on internationally. We really look forward to being challenged by our coach and leveraging all the knowledge and experience available in the Sting community,” says Filippa Kärrfelt, co-founder of Dialog.

Another exciting company is Airzyme. Airzyme is developing an enzyme that captures carbon dioxide in processes that emit a lot of CO2, which is important in solving the climate challenge.

“We are a small team of three who work to stop global warming by using nature’s own ways of regulating carbon dioxide. Right now, we are in an intensive development phase, which is both exciting and challenging. With Sting and their coaches behind us, we get access to expertise and support that allows us to reach our goals faster,” says Roshan Pursharifi, co-founder and CEO of AirZyme

Here are the 14 selected startups.

Sting Incubate:


Enzymatic enhanced Carbon Capture – stopping global warming using nature’s own CO2 regulator. Airzyme’s solution contributes to lowering emissions by capturing carbon dioxide in processes emitting much CO2.


Independent language practice for adult speech therapy patients. Dialog’s platform facilitates speech therapists to combine speech training with home-based exercises and follow the patient’s progress in between appointments. Dialog started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation.

Foil Technologies

Helps the industry electrify fast boats. Foil technologies enables the existing boating industry to offer affordable vessels with hydrofoils to customers wanting to travel sustainably on the sea. Foil Technologies started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation.


Automatic real-world driving evaluations using AI and eye tracking. QTPIE develops automatic driving evaluations with higher accuracy and efficiency for healthcare and driving license-related applications.


Software that helps companies use the world’s most powerful microscopes for materials analysis. Scatterin facilitates using neutrons and synchrotron X-ray facilities, also known as Big Science, for materials and process analysis. Scatterin started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation.

Sea Technology

Floating terminals that can be configured for container ships, cruise ships, or the offshore wind industry. Sea Technology enables a transition to offshore container management, leading to a more sustainable and optimized logistics infrastructure. Sea Technology’s solutions will also act as a node in floating green energy production.

Transition Group

A new generation of training tools for soft skill development that is immersive, scalable, and smart. Through immersive and specially designed video games, we create a unique digital training simulator for efficient learning and results based on behavioral data. 

Sting Accelerate:

Fictive Reality

Interactive learning simulations with conversational AI. Fictive Reality helps educators create fun and engaging games in minutes. The simulations are easily integrated with all LMS systems and allow the players to fail, reflect and learn from their mistakes.


Simplifies outsourced hiring. On Fill’s easy-to-use platform, employers can access the world’s best recruiters and their candidates. The user can find, collaborate with, and manage recruitment partners, all in one place.


Saas platform for optimizing and streamlining workflows. Goodfeed’s cloud-based platform enables organizations to add a natural place for continuous reflection to generate streamlined workflows.

Happy Parents

A conflict prevention co-parenting app for separated parents and their children. Happy Parents use AI, tech, and research to provide co-parents with tools to help them optimize cooperation after divorce or separation. The app encourages health factors and minimizes risk factors in co-parenting.

Hopen Internships

Connecting people and companies to make internships happen. Hopen is an open platform where people who want industry experience connect with companies offering opportunities to learn and apply their skills. Users can find their perfect internship match by searching for specific information like availability and skills, messaging other users and confirming internship offers, all on the platform.


Shaping the future of formal meetings. Legimeet offers online and hybrid AGMs and other formal meetings to companies and organizations within the EU.  The platform is internationally scalable with technology to meet the increasing need for hybrid decision-making meetings.


Cloud provider for cost-efficient and scalable Kubernetes infrastructure. Kubernetes is the industry standard for managing software containers. Symbiosis wraps Kubernetes into a simpler, faster, and more cost-efficient package that lets small businesses fully use the infrastructure technology that is powering the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies today.

NEWS January 28, 2023

Launching the Swedish Climate Startup Map – are you on the list?

A curated collection of innovative, Swedish startups and scaleups creating solutions for the green transition.

This is a proud moment for Sting as the Swedish Climate Startup Map, a project initiated by Sting in 2020, is updated and re-launched together with Chalmers Ventures, Dalarna Science Park, Ignite Sweden, LEAD, SISP.

Entrepreneurs play an important part in accelerating our transformation into a more sustainable society. The Swedish Climate Startup Map comes at a time when Sting is doubling down on its efforts with the Climate Action initiative, where 100 new Climate Startups will be accelerated.

The map aims to give Swedish Climate startups a launchpad and recognition needed to raise capital and find strategic partnerships that enable them to grow. The first version features 108 companies within the energy sector. Stay tuned for the full version, planned to be released in March 2023 and include seven more categories.

Sting companies featured on this first version of the map include: Cling Systems, DTR-1, Enerpoly, Evolar, Expectra, Gordian, Mantex, Midsummer, Rebase Energy, RenBloc and Waybler.

Please find the complete map and nominate your startup at: .

This joint project is led by Chalmers Ventures, Dalarna Science Park, Ignite Sweden, LEAD, SISP and Sting. It is part of Omställningslyftet, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Tillväxtverket and Vinnova, and the Sustainable Energy Action, funded by Swedish Energy Agency.

NEWS January 13, 2023

Sting will accelerate 100 new Swedish climate startups

Sting has been trusted with significant financing from ERDF (the European Regional Development Fund) to support Swedish startups that bring innovative solutions to fight climate change.

Over the next four years, Sting has committed to accelerating 100 new Swedish climate startups. This is Sting’s most ambitious Climate Action effort to date to help turn Sweden’s most impactful climate innovations into future growth companies.

Stockholm is one of Europe’s most vibrant startup cities, and Sweden a front-runner in climate tech with thousands of climate startups and unicorns such as Northvolt and Polarium. Sting has been a key driving force in building Stockholm’s world-class startup eco-system, and climate tech and deeptech have been strategic focus areas for Sting for many years.

Thanks to the funding from ERDF, Sting will be able to take its Climate Action ambitions to the next level. In Sting’s new Climate Action initiative, 100 Swedish climate startups will over the coming four years, get the best imaginable support to help turn their innovations into scalable businesses and accelerate their climate impact.

Already being the accelerator in Sweden working with the largest number of climate startups, Sting will now double its capacity to 25 companies per year. Sting has recently brought on board two new business coaches specialized in energy, carbon capture, and mobility and has a highly experienced team of five dedicated climate tech business coaches ready to support new startup teams.

“Sting is one of the accelerators in the world with the longest experience from incubating and accelerating climate tech and deeptech startups. We started in 2002, and over the years we have supported hundreds of climate startups such as Midsummer, Sellpy, Karma, Ignitia, Surfcleaner, Airmee and Worldfavor,” said Karin Ruiz, Deputy CEO and Climate Action Lead at Sting.

“At Sting we strongly believe in the power of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to bring solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. We are thankful for the ERUF funding and support from our strategic partners that will enable us to accelerate many more Swedish climate startups,” concluded Karin.

Sting’s Climate Action initiative is well aligned with the Climate Route Map 2050 of the Stockholm region, reinforcing Stockholm’s position as the Impact Capital of the World and supporting the region’s green transition. As part of the Climate Action initiative, Sting will take the lead in mobilizing the resources of Stockholm’s startup ecosystem to offer the most extensive and qualified support for climate entrepreneurs and innovators to commercialize their innovations. Strategic partners supporting Sting include KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, RISE, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, the City of Stockholm, and Region Stockholm.

Climate areas that Sting is particularly interested in are renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy systems and storage, carbon capture and its usage and storage, mobility and green transports, sustainable cities and buildings, circular economy and resource efficiency, sustainable food and agriculture, new materials and reduced waste.

For questions or to engage with Sting’s Climate Action initiative contact:

Pär Hedberg, CEO of Sting,, +46-70-8550318

Karin Ruiz, Deputy CEO of Sting and Climate Action Lead,, +46-70-6457804

Linda Krondahl, Project Manager for Sting’s Climate Action project,, +46-70-7949280

About Sting (Stockholm Innovation & Growth)

Announced The World’s Best Incubator/Accelerator in 2021, Sting helps entrepreneurs develop their business ideas into successful international growth companies with world-class business development support, recruitment, funding and networking. Sting has helped over 370 startups since 2002, 70 percent of which still continue to develop and grow.

Together, all Sting companies have a turnover of more than SEK 3.8 billion and they have combined created well over 3,400 jobs. The Sting companies have received more than SEK 9.9 billion in private capital.

Sting is also an active developer of the ecosystem in Sweden and co-founder of initiatives such as SUP46, THINGS, Ignite Sweden, Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day, Luminar Ventures and Propel Capital.

Sting alumni include: Yubico, Sellpy, Airmee, Surfcleaner, Midsummer, Worldfavor, Skrym and Karma, among others.

NEWS November 1, 2022

Greentech Investor Emanuel Andersson is the new CEO of Propel Capital

Propel Capital, Sweden’s most active private seed investor within tech, connected to the accelerator Sting, has appointed Emanuel Andersson as our new CEO.

Propel Capital, Sweden’s most active private seed investor within tech, connected to the accelerator Sting, has appointed Emanuel Andersson as our new CEO.  

Emanuel has several years of experience as an investor, most recently from Almi Invest Greentech where he worked with a portfolio of over 30 climate-impact companies. 

Since 2014, when Propel Capital was initiated, Propel Capital has invested in over 175 companies primarily in sustaintech, healthtech, deeptech, and digital innovation. The investors tied to Propel are 100 of Sweden’s most experienced business angels, carefully selected to be a good fit with the startups and with the potential to support them long term. The latest version, Propel VI, closed this summer on 30MSEK with 25 old and new angels. 

“I am really looking forward to getting this unique opportunity to work with such well-renowned investors. The Propel angels is a diverse group of young and old, men and women, with different backgrounds but with one thing in common: they are active investors, passionate about our portfolio and the big, societal challenges of today,” said Emanuel Andersson, CEO of Propel Capital.   

Emanuel takes over the CEO role at a time when major societal challenges characterize the investor climate. 

”We must provide the companies that invent tomorrow, with the proper tools in order to make a difference. Sting stands with one leg in the research field and the other in business, which is a rather unique position. The benefit of Sting and Propel Capital is more obvious than ever. In addition, the geek side of me looks forward to diving into all the data we have collected over the years. The size of Propel means that we sit on a huge amount of exciting information that we can use to draw conclusions and become even sharper,” said Emanuel Andersson, CEO of Propel Capital. 

In the new role, Emanuel will use his investor and operational expertise to manage Propel Capital, find companies with promising potential, and help equip those companies with the tools needed to succeed in the market and further contribute to societal transformation. 

”Propel Capital works like an engine, bringing together business angels and startups in Stockholm. We have already financed 175 companies thus far and will finance many more in the years to come. The wheels continue to turn in the Swedish tech world. We are thrilled to have Emanuel Andersson as the new CEO. He has the drive and the right background to lift Propel Capital to the next level,” said Niclas Lilja, chairman of Propel Capital. 

About Propel Capital 

Propel Capital is an investment company linked to Sting. Propel Capital is Sweden’s most active private seed investor. Propel Capital benefits from Sting’s selection process and the portfolio companies benefit from Sting’s support in areas such as business development, coaching, and recruitment. 

Propel Capital exclusively invests in Sting companies. Startups in the Sting Accelerate program are offered investments and a selection of the Sting Incubate companies receive an investment in time upon evaluation. The investment amount is SEK 500,000. 

The current Propel Capital, Propel Capital VI, is managing SEK 30 million from about 40 of Sweden’s top business angels and from Saminvest. State-owned Saminvest has invested in Propel Capital IV, V and VI. 

NEWS July 1, 2022

Growloop, the completely digital leadership coach of the future – has raised €1 million to further democratize leadership development.

The edtech company V3VO with its leadership service Growloop has fully subscribed its €1 million seed round to fuel its mission of helping every human live a balanced, fulfilling and viable life. With Growloop, organizations now can develop the leadership within all their co-workers and teams so that both managers and co-workers can grow together and reach meaningful results faster, on a bigger scale and at a smaller cost. Steering businesses only from the top is getting more difficult every day.

As uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity increase in the world, everyone needs to be part of the leadership function to create meaningful results. But developing everyone in an organization through traditional leadership programs is normally an expensive and demanding process, in general not personalized for each individual or context as such.

V3VO has therefore developed Growloop, a digital leadership coach and trainer, a clever app so that everyone in a team or an organization can develop their self-leadership and leadership. This is in collaboration with others regardless of existing knowledge or leadership maturity. All to a fraction of traditional leadership programs or consultancies costs. Growloop is today being used to support leadership development in fast-paced organizations to further increase the speed of their growth journey in creating more meaningful results, faster. In several international organizations with high ambitions such as Resultify, Peltarion, and Drama Queen, Growloop has in a short time become appreciated leadership support for many of their co-workers. Recently it has been rated 4 out of 5 by co-workers in Forex, the market leader in the Nordics for travel currency exchange.

Given the challenges and opportunities we have as individuals, organizations, and the world, we need the keys to how we can thrive and grow sustainably and even regenerative. To create and reach more meaningful results together. With the new resources, we can now further equip Growloop with more growth power, new learning experiences, and AI features. At the same time we can invest in supporting growth journeys in many more European organizations. A big win for everyone, says Johan Landgren, CEO, and co-founder.

Growloop arises from the collaboration between leadership consultants, entrepreneurs, and investors with ambition and willingness to democratize leadership development! The driving force is the realization that with the support of digitalization and AI, what has been reserved for a few can become available to everyone. During a couple of years, several prototypes and collaborations were tested before Growloop was developed in 2021. Growloop is a product from the company V3VO – Vertical Evolution AB.V3VO is backed by 9 shareholders. The majority of owners are Co-founders and global leadership consultants Mattias Seger (CPTO) and Monica Edgren. The entrepreneur Johan Landgren is the CEO and also Co-founder. Hans Isoz, Ideabits, Jenny Rosenkrantz, Karl Wassgren, Mimmi Brandberg, Rebecka Eriksson and Sting, are all shareholders and mission friends.

NEWS June 28, 2022

Sting announces two new Sustaintech-coaches: Boel Swartling and Thomas Öström

Sting has a 20 year track record of helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas into successful impact-businesses. Reducing CO2 emission is by far one of our times most complex challenges which has resulted in a great interest in Stings Sustaintech offer. Equipping and preparing businesses with tools for such challenges has created an immense interest from entrepreneurs, investors, and partners.

Sting is now welcoming two new coaches with several years in the green transport – clean energy segment: Boel Swartling and Thomas Öström.

Boel Swartling is the founder of Charge Amps AB, initiator of Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day, and board member of four green-tech businesses:

Green Mobility, Charge Amps, MineStorage, and CCC (carbon capture company).

Additionally, Boel has been on the board of Propel 4 and 5, naturally giving her a great understanding of both founders and investors.

“I’m thrilled to be part of Sting and the coach-team, getting to mentor the next generation of successful entrepreneurs within the sustain-tech field.  I am very much looking forward to sharing my experience and network I have gained while working with Charge Amps, SSVD, and as an investor.

Other than sustainable transport solutions, I am passionate about building companies and teams, and hope that my expertise and experience as a CEO and business consultant will be beneficial to the startups at Sting,” said Boel Swartling.

Thomas Öström is a serial investor, entrepreneur, and board member who amongst many other accomplishments, founded Nasdaq-listed Climeon. 2018 Thomas was named ‘Swede of the year, Innovation’ and 2019 received an honorary doctorate in technology at Luleå Technical University. Thomas primary interest is in challenges around climate change and clean energy solutions.

“There are plenty of startups out there who can contribute to finding the solution to our challenges around climate change. However, to actually make a difference you need tools in order to excel and scale.

I am looking forward to helping these startups utilize their potential and maximize the opportunities to make a difference, through Sting,” said Thomas Öström.

With businesses like Midsummer, Cortus Energy, Cacharge, Enerpoly, Cling Systems, Evolar, Sellpy, Worldfavor, Klimato, Beleco, Surfcleaner , Skrym och Airmee in the portfolio, Sting has over the years had an immense interest in the development within the sustain-tech community. With this new addition to the coach-squad, Sting can offer a support team of talent and expertise to startups focused on solving challenges within this segment.

“At Sting, we are convinced that innovative startups play a crucial role in fighting climate change.  Adding more resources to our team is an attempt to help continue, encourage, and support more Climate Action businesses in the making. 

Clean energy and mobility are two crucial areas for us to focus on, in order to achieve our goal to limit the CO2e-emission in half by 2030.

By welcoming Boel and Thomas onboard the coach-team at Sting, we are now even better equipped than before, to accelerate startups within this specific segment,” said Karin Ruiz, Sustaintech Lead, business coach, and Deputy CEO at Sting.

NEWS June 15, 2022

12 up-and-coming startups pitched on Sting Demo Day

12 Startups pitched their business ideas during the spring edition of Sting Demo Day to 150 investors and other invited guests.

At Sting Demo Day, startups having gone through Sting Accelerate and Sting Incubate, get the opportunity to present their companies, ideas, and future plans to a highly qualified audience of investors.

The graduating companies offer solutions in a wide range of areas, such as Femtech, Edtech, Healthech, AI, Web3, Foodtech, and SaaS solutions for several different industries. How about, for example, a computer-driven learning platform, an app for menopausal women, NFT tickets or a staffing platform for healthcare?

“It’s always special to see our graduating companies on stage, even 20 years after we started. In total, 382 startups have gone through Sting’s programs, and Demo Day is an important event for founders to build on their network of investors and partners for the future,” said Pär Hedberg, CEO, and founder of Sting.

Hypertype was the winner, a platform that with the help of AI helps sellers write smarter emails, was voted the best pitch by the Demo Day audience.

“It was incredibly fun to be on stage last night and what an honor to be voted as the winning pitch! The support we have received from Sting in everything from solving complex problems, leadership issues and to scaling up the company, has been fantastic. Our product is not the classic AI solution and Sting understands and shares our view on how we want to build our product in a completely new area. The investor network that Sting has is invaluable and has given us a flying start from the beginning. It was great to meet so many here tonight!, ”said Teenie Fung, co-founder and CEO of Hypertype.

The companies that participated during STING Demo Day were:


2HEAL enables long-term health through holistic, people-centered healthcare. 2HEAL tackles ill health by treating the root cause – not just alleviating symptoms. They work with the entire patient’s lifestyle, including diet, exercise, rest and mental health.   


A data-driven learning app driving careers and organizations with efficiency & curiosity, creating more equitable opportunities for learning by making education more dynamic and accessible. The intelligent platform includes a social network and a marketplace with integrations with training providers and vocational-technical services.


Attini is an IT company that provides a serverless deployment framework for infrastructure as code (IaC). With this solution, organizations can improve the way they administrate large IT environments in the Cloud. Attini is flexible, secure and designed to automate your infrastructure. 


An office-sharing service for the modern and digital office. Through Awaio’s app, companies can share free spaces, workplaces, and meeting rooms. Users can easily find a workplace that suits his or her needs for the day.  


The simplest mood board tool for interior design. BONI is a cloud-based interior design tool for creating mood boards, visualizing interior design ideas, and finding products – all in one place. BONI makes it possible to combine different furniture from favorite stores and test different options. All products can easily be purchased via links to retailers.  


Simplifies and makes sales and marketing communication more personalized with the help of AI. Hypertype is a plug-and-play solution that analyzes the content of an email and provides the user with relevant sales data and previous email content and then composes personal superfast responses.


A world leading service for recovery after pregnancy and childbirth. With new mothers’ health as our primary focus, Momentus offers an evidence-based, digital support service. Created by medical professionals, Momentus supports and offer guidance to new mothers during the first year of recovery after childbirth.


Ensures the origin of art with the help of chemistry, blockchain and NFT technology. NfinityMark enables artists to create an undeniable link between their physical artwork, blockchain and NFT. NfinityMark contains a unique, chemically engineered serial number which when applied to a work of art, gives the piece a digital identity that protects its origins. It creates security both for creators and collectors and opens new opportunities in metaverse applications.  


Olivia is a digital tool to help women track, understand and minimize menopausal symptoms. Using technology, Olivia creates evidence-based therapeutic interventions that support a healthy lifestyle and decrease menopausal symptoms. 


A global food market that connects independent chefs and customers. Sizzle supports, promotes, and develops independent entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industries and connects them to customers who want a global kitchen. The shared infrastructure makes it easy for contractors to sell their authentic dishes without advance costs and long lead times. Global culinary creativity available to everyone.    


Event tickets for Web3. Tixy.nft is a ticket platform and marketplace built on blockchain technology. The platform gives creators and fans access to a more modern, fairer, and safer ticket experience for both physical and virtual events. Tixy.nft started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation


A platform for sustainable staffing in healthcare. Vivium is a cloud-based platform that contributes to safer and more cost-effective internal and external staffing in healthcare.  

NEWS June 8, 2022

Climate Fintech, and Sting alumni, Datia raises $3.4M to simplify investors’ transition to sustainable finance

– The global ESG reporting market is growing rapidly and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17% to Reach $16 Billion by 2027.

– Datia streamlines the ESG workflows allowing for easy understanding of the impact of portfolios, regulatory reporting and pre-trade screening

– The company has a customer based of asset managers representing in excess of $100 billion AUM

Datia founders: Juan Manuel Serruya and Manne Larsson

Sting alumni Datia, a fintech company on a mission to simplify investors’ transition to sustainable finance, has announced that it has raised $3.4M in a Seed funding round led by pan-European venture capital firm Nauta Capital, with participation from Accel Starter Ramzi Rizk, Zenloop’s founder Paul Schwarzenholz, Söderberg & Partners and Sting.

Datia’s platform performs sustainability calculations for hundreds of data points like carbon footprint, gender pay gap and energy usage on companies and funds. The company works with asset managers, wealth advisors, and platforms, allowing for measuring the impact of portfolios, regulatory reporting, and screening. Datia’s platform features hundreds of data points for over 600,000 financial instruments and 200,000 funds.

Since the launch of its platform in 2020, Datia has onboarded an impressive roster of clients including Spiltan Fonder, Alcur Fonder and Atlant Fonder, bringing their assets under management to over $100 billion.

Listed as one of SiftedEU’s Swedish companies to watch in the green fintech space, the funding will support its plans of scaling across Europe, hiring key talent, expanding its efforts to include wealth advisors and neo-bankers. It will also help to accelerate research and development of its ESG tools and sustainability data.

Juan Manuel Serruya, Founder and CEO of Datia, claims, “Our purpose is to support investors in their sustainability work, old-school ESG ratings aren’t enough anymore. Increasingly the challenge is integrating real, hard data into the investment process, complying with rapidly changing regulations and client demands for sustainability. Investors face challenges collecting hundreds of ESG data points, incorporating them into their investment process and complying with complex regulatory client demands. Datia is an investor-first solution for that.”

The global ESG reporting market is growing rapidly and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17% to reach $16 billion by 2027. At the same time, the number of sustainable finance regulations and policy interventions is also accelerating, putting pressure on investors to meet market and regulatory demands.

Guillem Sague, Berlin-based Nauta Capital Partner and recently appointed Datia board member, adds: “ESG can have a positive effect on the financial performance and reduce overall risk. Datia’s ability to help the investor with ESG data, means less of a headache and more transparent analysis. Ultimately, it brings the investor forward into the future of sustainable finance.” 

About Datia

Datia is a climate fintech company on a mission to empower investor’s transition to sustainable finance. Founded in 2019 by Juan Manuel Serruya and Manne Larsson and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Datia has a customer network with over $100B assets under management (AUM).

For more information, visit

About Datia’s Founders

Juan Manuel Serruya is the founder and CEO of Datia. Previously he was an early employee at Spotify as Head of Engineering for Creator Studio, an R&D group consisting of 5 product development teams with a wide portfolio of industry facing platforms including Spotify for Artists, Spotify for Podcasters, new artistic expression and storytelling formats for artists and their teams.

Manne Larsson is the founder and COO of Datia. Previously worked at venture capital firm EQT Ventures as an investor, and was employee #2 and VP of Business Development at InsiderLog, a Market Abuse Regulation SaaS solution that was acquired by Euronext in 2016.

About Nauta Capital

Nauta Capital is a Pan-European Venture Capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies, with offices in London, Barcelona and Berlin. With over half a billion assets under management and a team of 24 people, Nauta Capital is one of Europe’s largest B2B focused VCs. As a sector-agnostic investor, Nauta’s main areas of interest include B2B SaaS solutions with strong network effects, vertically focused enterprise tech transforming large industries as well as those leveraging deep-tech applications to solve challenges faced by large enterprises. Nauta has led investments in more than 60 companies including Brandwatch, Kubermatic, appfollow, Onna, insureQ, zenloop, Mishipay, and Holded.

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