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NEWS January 19, 2022

Newcomer Univid set to disrupt digital event segment – secures funding from major investors

Two former students at Sweden’s top engineering university, founded Univid after seeing a gap in the market for an interactive and user-friendly event platform. After a flying start for the company as official supplier for the world’s largest political fair, Almedalen, and with Facebook as its first major customer, the company has now raised EUR 800,000 in funding to continue its expansion.

Univid founders Erik Skogetun and Jonathan Rintala

In 2019, before digital meetings had become part of daily life, SaaS company Univid was founded by the two KTH Royal Institute of Technology students, Erik Skogetun and Jonathan Rintala, with the ambition of digitalizing lectures.

And the idea quickly caught on. When the founders discovered the potential of their product, they exchanged academia for the world of digital events, with Facebook as the company’s first major customer.

“We quickly realized that the market severely lacked good solutions. Today, companies around the Nordic region use our platform to create engaging and beautiful events and webinars in less than a minute. Events that can be tailored by the user directly in the browser,” says Skogetun.

Backing from well-known investors 

In Univid’s first funding round, the company has obtained backing from a number of well-known investors, including venture capital firms Spintop Ventures, JNE Invest, and Quinary, as well as angel investors with solid experience in the industry.

“15 years ago, I was a board member and investor in the company that built what is today the Google Meet platform and that shaped the WebRTC standard,” says Finn Persson, Partner at Spintop Ventures.

“My colleagues and I at Spintop have kept a keen interest in real-time web video communications. We’re excited to invest in a great service built on the WebRTC standard – taking the interactive online meeting experience to the next level, founded by a duo from the new generation of web communications technology entrepreneurs.”

Events that drive engagement

With features such as quizzes, polls, and the ability to collect points based on interaction, Univid offers a completely unique way to create experiences tailored to users’ specific needs.

“People who come to us are tired of complicated and time-consuming event platforms. They need something that’s easy to set up and a platform they find familiar and feel confident about using,” explains Skogetun.

Events hosted on the platform have increased interaction compared to other digital event solutions. The platform has generated several thousand reactions and hundreds of chat messages from just a few hundred participants.

“We want to move away from rigid, formal and outright boring experiences, to instead let hosts themselves create engaging, creative and fun events that participants remember – that’s Univid,” says Rintala.

Funding round set to drive rapid growth

In 2021, Univid was the official supplier for Almedalen Week 2021, which involved more than 700 digital events over four days. As the use of virtual meetings has surged during the pandemic, the company is now experiencing considerable demand in Europe and beyond.

The platform and video technology are in place. The plan for the future is to continue to optimize and expand functionality, including interaction and networking. Today, Univid consists of three people, but with fresh funding, Univid has made it its goal to accelerate its growth journey. 

“We’ve validated the market properly and now it’s time to grow our team with skilled developers and salespeople to meet the high demand,” concludes Rintala. 

For more information, please contact:

Jonathan Rintala, co-founder

+46 (0) 73 026 98 87 

About Univid

Univid is a powerful tool for creating engaging and beautiful digital experiences in less than 60 seconds. On our user-friendly platform, users are guided through the entire experience and events can be tailored to users’ wishes. With features such as quizzes, polls, reactions, and gamification, Univid offers completely unique ways to engage audiences. The platform is best suited for events with between 200-300 participants and works for all kinds of events, from real-time digital meetings to webinars and live broadcasts.

NEWS January 18, 2022

Femtech company Momentus secures 3.5 million SEK to improve new mothers’ health

The Stockholm-based femtech company Momentus, which participated in the Sting Incubate program in 2021, is raising external capital to accelerate its service targeting the health of new mothers after pregnancy and childbirth. After just a few weeks and without a marketing budget, the app had more than 1,000 downloads. Investors include Avesina Group, Propel Capital and Mattias Weinhandl’s Pluscap AB.

Lack of information after pregnancy and childbirth

The maternity healthcare system does not succeed in giving new mothers the information they need to achieve good health after pregnancy and childbirth. In the digital transformation of healthcare, maternity care is still neglected, which leads to many women seeking social platforms to find advice and support. The inaccessible care, the incorrect information via social media, and the difficulty in evaluating what is actually safe advice or not, leads to many women suffering and worrying completely unnecessarily.

Empowering new mothers to take control over their health

Momentus is a digital platform that helps women with recovery, support and guidance to proper care after pregnancy and childbirth. Through evidence-based knowledge, digital visits to midwives as well as courses developed by experts, Momentus gives new mothers the power to take control of their own health. This leads to better health and faster recovery for the women, while at the same time reducing the pressure on the healthcare system – a win-win for society as a whole.

A founder team of Medical Doctors and Computer Engineers

Behind the idea are the founders Maria Undén Morein, Rebecka Wedlund, Cajsa Schalling and Emma Aronsson. Maria has a background as a doctor and board member of the Swedish Medical Women’s Association (KLF), Rebecka as a computer engineer and entrepreneur, Cajsa as a doctor at the gynecology clinic at SÖS and Emma is an obstetrician at Karolinska University Hospital.

Carefully chosen investors

During the past year, the company has built its product, been registered as a healthcare provider with IVO and supplemented the team with a midwife and physiotherapist specializing in women’s health. In November 2021, the first version of the service was released in App Store and Google Play and already before New Years, the app had been downloaded more than 1,000 times. Momentus is now developing in a paid version of its service and raising SEK 3.5 million in external capital.

Maria Undén Morein is a doctor and CEO of Momentus:

“We are finally talking about womens’ birth injuries and the need for support after a pregnancy! With today’s crisis in maternity care, we really feel it’s extra important to provide new mothers with correct information and help with recovery. This is also noticeable in the interest among investors. Our plan in the beginning was to raise 1.5-2 million, but chose to close at 3.5 million and we also said no to several interested parties.”

Filling a gap of insufficient information to new parents

Parents who receive the right information and support after childbirth feel more secure, connect better with their children, and feel less anxious. Studies show that those who experience information and support as sufficient after childbirth are less likely to seek emergency care.

Many women experience that their own health after childbirth is forgotten and that their problems are not taken seriously. Even though up to 90% of all women experience health issues after giving birth, very few know what’s normal or not and when to ask for help. The founders of Momentus got tired of women feeling lost after giving birth. Momentus provides the user with easily accessible and medically correct information about what happens in the body after pregnancy and childbirth, tools for recovery and support as well as a community with other women in the same situation. And the knowledge that you are important and that your experiences and feelings, no matter what they are, are okay.

“First it’s belly, belly, belly, then it’s baby, baby, baby. There is a great need for support and advice for new mothers the time after childbirth, and with Momentus, this support is now easily available in our digital service”, concludes Maria.

Maria Undén Morein, CEO, 073 552 63 52, 

Rebecka Wedlund, CBTO, 070 735 62 35,

NEWS December 20, 2021

yayloh closes out 2021 with rapid, new partnerships, and triple revenue growth as the solution soars

The innovative loyalty-first return management solution based in Stockholm is closing out a banner year and looking forward to more wins in 2022. With new clients throughout the EU, an investment round from a renowned Swedish entrepreneur, and new collaborations enabling the platform to provide sustainable returns to its clients, the future of the up-and-coming SaaS platform is looking bright.

Founded in 2019, yayloh is a loyalty-first return management solution that puts sustainability first. Helping clients build a brand their customers will love one return at a time, the SaaS platform focuses on delivering a top-notch CX, with a user-friendly interface that’s seamless to implement. The ease of use and commitment to making returns more environmentally friendly are a few reasons customer-centric businesses all over the EU (like Swedish fashion brand House of Dagmar) are turning to yayloh to help manage their return processes.

The start of the year was kicked off strong with a pre-seed round led by Tomas Kull, founder of Swedish food delivery staple Mathem. The infusion allowed the brand to double down on its principles of delivering unparalleled customer service, with sustainability at the forefront. It also allowed yayloh to invest in its platform, paving the way for expanding into new markets, like Germany and Norway, while strengthening relations in Sweden and France—markets where the platform had already established brand partnerships. Those efforts resulted in new clients like German fashion brand 032c, a contemporary and boundary-pushing fashion and lifestyle platform, and fast-growing swimwear brand Anja Paris.

In addition to new clients, the year also saw exciting partnerships come to life, enabling yayloh to integrate with more brands in new ways. The platform has a tight collaboration with Centra, a venture-backed Swedish eCommerce platform that is pioneering composable commerce, allowing for brands like House of Dagmar and Holzweiler to integrate with both services, with ease. In addition, yayloh also participated in Zendesk’s largest startup campus Station F, based in France. This partnership allows yayloh to integrate with the CRM platform, reaching thousands of brand potentials.

While the success of 2021 was impressive, and the team is grateful for all the wins, the brand is looking forward to making even bigger strides in 2022. Sophie Aubard, co-founder and CEO of yayloh says:
“2021 has been fantastic for yayloh. Word of mouth is spreading fast about the product and we clearly see that we are the preferred option for fast-growing customer-centric brands. Our customers love the product—none of them have churned, proving the staying power of our solution. In 2022 we will focus on expansion and investing further in the platform to help our merchants increase customer retention and reduce CO2 emissions.”

yayloh is a loyalty-first return management solution that is changing how innovative brands handle returns. For more information on the platform and to read recent case studies, visit the brand here.

For all press inquiries and general information, please contact Sophie Aubard, Co-founder and CEO at