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NEWS June 18, 2015

Alfie Atkins in new play app from Gro Play


Today, the Swedish game studio Gro Play launches the app “Find Adventure! Alfie Atkins”, an imaginative and creative game for children between 2 and 6 years old, throughout the world. In “Find Adventure! Alfie Atkins”, children can create, play and explore a world that is full of small surprises and events that may be real, or may only exist in the childrens’ and Alfie’s imagination. You don’t really know for sure.

Together with Alfie, kids can build crazy homegrown helicopters and wacky boats. You walk around in unexplored lands and fly around among the stars and planets. You play with friends and look for treasures. Milla, Viktor, Dad and Puzzle are of course part of the games, but also other characters from several of author Gunilla Bergström’s other books pop up here and there in the game. “Find Adventure! Alfie Atkins” is full of exciting opportunities and offer a game that only the child’s imagination sets the limits of.

The app’s special features
• Multi-touch – several people can play together at the same time
• Build, paint, create, play and discover
• Explore a huge world and space
• Child-friendly interface
• Free from advertising from third parties
• Free from in-app purchases

Gro Play is a Swedish studio that makes award-winning games and apps on the topics of health and environment to inspire children and families to a sustainable lifestyle.

The app “Find Adventure! Alfie Atkins is inspired by the book “Aja baja, Alfie Atkins”. The founders want the children to continue the imaginative journey that Alfie begins in the book when they use the app. The aim is to encourage creativity, initiative and do-it-yourself activities. The app will help children and parents to value what already exists in their environment, that you don’t always have to search for something new. Stop! Create something, dream away, and experience the amazing things in “Find Adventure! Alfie Atkins”, or in your own living room, as Alfie himself would do.

> Download the app in the App Store 
> Watch the trailer here 


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