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Sting’s Expert Coaches

Not only do you get weekly coaching from your Sting coach, but also from external expert coaches, hired by Sting, who are true wizzes in their fields.

You have 30 hours/company that you can divide however you like between the expert coaches. The must should be used during your time at Sting. Below we have listed the expert coaches, their specialties and contact information so you can book meetings with them. You are responsible for keeping track of the number of hours you have used.


Please reach out to Peo Nilsson or Henna Keränen. You can find more information on each expert coach and their specialties here.

Expert coaches

Cecilia Bratt, Marketing

Get in touch with Cecilia:,
Phone: +46 737-35 77 20,

How can I help?
  • Marketing audits / strategy / planning:
  • Customer / Buyer Journeys.
  • Content planning
  • B2B lead generation:
  • Marketing tech

Daniel Eriksson, Growth team & Growth Marketing

Get in touch with Daniel:
Phone: +46 735362400

How can I help?
  • Metrics: what should we measure
  • How to decide distribution channels, paid, earned, owned, PR, blogs, influencers etc. 
  • How to scale

Erwan Derlyn, Go-to-market strategy, User acquisition

Get in touch with Erwan:

How can I help?
  • Validate ideas in go to market strategies and user acquisition
  • Audit your market
  • Launch in new channels

Jack Nutting/Mohsen Mirzakhani (Dynamo), Mobile, Back-end, Web development & CTO coaching

Get in touch with Jack/Mohsen:,, Web:

How can we help?
  • Technology: software development, deployment, and analytics
  • People: Roles and responsibilities
  • Product: Design, functionality, quality, and roadmap

Lee Wermelin, Sales

Get in touch with Lee Wermelin:
Phone: +46702122162

How can I help/Sales philosophy:
  • How to set up a sales process
  • How to deal with sales on a personal level
  • How to motivate your sales team 
  • Hands on coaching

Pontus Österberg/Tobias Rundbom (Prototyp), MVP-journey, Tech

Get in touch with Pontus/Tobias: Web:

How can we help?
  • Shortening TtV (time to value)
  • Being a better product owner,
  • What to prioritise and when

Rebeca Rosenberg, Product Market Fit, Customer Centralization, Influencer Marketing, B2C

Get in touch with Rebeca:
Phone: +46723996606

How can I help?
  • Define your Customer Personas
  • Brand DNA
  • Growth marketing strategy
  • AAARRR (Awareness, Acquisition, Activation
  • Retention, Referral, Revenue)
  • Content strategy
  • Influencer marketing strategy

Trigger Company: Erik Otterberg & Mimmie Liepe, Social Media & Digital Marketing

Get in touch with Erik & Mimmi:,, Web:

How can we help?
  • Define a digital marketing strategy for growth
  • Get started with your digital campaigns
  • Technical setup to measure everything that’s happening and collect data

Tor Nettelbladt (Most Studios), Product Design & strategy, UX, Brand strategy

Get in touch with Tor:
Phone: +46761007783, Web:

How can I help?

  • Product strategy
  • Product/Web  design:
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Brand identity (visual and verbal)
  • Product marketing
  • Fundraising material