New Nordic collaboration launches a cross-border Accelerator program for life science and medtech companies

The project called Accelerace Life aims to develop an effective and cost-efficient cross-border high growth accelerator in the Nordic countries that propels promising life science SMEs into international markets to gain faster market access through a strong collaboration between the best Scandinavian incubators & accelerators.

On 17th of February2014, a group of seven strong incubators and accelerators in Scandinavia launched ashared joint Nordic Accelerator that place high growth SMEs within life scienceand medtech simultaneously in the four Scandinavian markets with all needednetwork, mentors, experts, elite training programs etc.The partners behind the new program are Accelerace Management (DK), Copenhagen Bio Science Park (DK), STING (SE), Karolinska Institutet Innovations (SE), Lund Life Science Incubator (SE), Turku Science Park (FI) and Kjeller Innovasjon (NO). PeterTorstensen, CEO in Accelerace, says: “The creation of high growth companies have been high on the agenda of allEuropean countries for many decades, but so far we have seen little concreteefforts towards collaborating on Nordic level to achieve such goals. Byallowing for innovative entrepreneurs to access all Nordic markets from day 1through a strong cross-border collaboration between national accelerators andincubators with valuable experiences and networks, we can immediately helpNordic entrepreneurs grow faster, better and stronger, both within the Nordicregion and on export markets.”Morten Mølgaard Jensen, CEO in COBIS, adds: ”Small home markets and similar challengescalls for closer Nordic collaboration to build stronger and more interlinkedNordic infrastructure for entrepreneurs. With the valuable support from NordicInnovation, Accelerace Life will simultaneously strengthen the Nordic Ecosystemfor high growth company creation by setting up a cross-border accelerator.”The partners have nowbegun to identify and select potential promising life science SMEs in theNordic countries that could benefit from the program. The participatingcompanies will get access to practical,hands-on business development services, parallel market access to all Nordiccountries, international funding and collaborations between life science SMEsand experts, facilities and investors in other Nordic regions.Theinnovation needs of SMEs will drive the collaborations. Whether they aretechnological, commercial or financial, Accelerace Life will help to connectNordic SMEs to a relevant expert or provider in the consortium network.