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NEWS June 4, 2019

14 startups pitched in front of 100+ investors at Sting Demo Day

Sweden’s top investors were gathered at Bryggarsalen earlier today when 14 of Sweden’s most promising tech startups presented at Sting Demo Day. The event is the finale of the Sting Accelerate and Sting Incubate programs, and more than 100 investors were there to meet the entrepreneurs.

The companies that now leave Sting offer solutions in a wide range of industries, from babytech, cleantech and fintech, to influencer marketing, AI and climate-smart food. Since the start in February, the companies have mainly achieved results in the form of new customers, improved products and stronger and expanded teams.

– All companies have accelerated considerably during the program and it is especially great to see a good team that has the ability to utilize the investor networks and the ecosystem that Sting offers. Our team and recruitment services have been used extensively as usual. It’s also fun to see how much it means for startups to sit together – everyone shares and helps solve problems and challenges,” says Ivar Strömberg, business coach at Sting.

Sting Demo Day ended with Lisa Lindvall, founder of The Fit offering mobile 3D body scanner technology, after voting by the audience winning the prize for “Best pitch”.

– The time at Sting has been incredibly intensive and we have accomplished so much in just a few months. Above all, we have refined the product and broadened our network, both in Sweden and the rest of the world. Now we look forward to launching our product fully in the coming weeks, says Lisa Lindvall.

Sting Demo Day is organized twice a year with the aim of giving the contractors the opportunity to present their companies and start relationships with future investors and partners.

The companies that presented at Sting Demo Day were:

A2O (formerly Nutrient) is a FoodTech company that researches and produces new climate-smart foods. The goal is to make a real difference by producing sustainable and above all good alternatives. By converting unused resources and converting them into new tasty proteins, we can make a difference in the entire food chain from farm to table.

Cardia is a mobile application that offers a safer way to privately buy and sell used cars. All cars are checked at impartial car testing stations to remove the risk of hidden defects. Through the application, users gain access to finance, guarantees and insurance companies in the private market. For increased security, the payment and ownership change take place via the application.

Casablnca is a CRM system for companies that work with Influencer Marketing in-house. The system collects, stores, evaluates and presents all Influencer Marketing data in one place. Casablnca helps companies make data-driven decisions based on customized KPIs and streamlines the work process so that employees have more time to focus on communication with Influencers and growth. This results in more authentic collaborations and a closer relationship with the end customer.

Creditive is a digital financing tool intended for companies with a turnover of up to SEK 150M. Through automation of the ancient credit process, Creditive simplifies access to corporate credit.

Cribble develops toys for children, developed on the basis of research in psychology and pedagogy.

At FLOAT, we are pioneers of Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS) – providing small SaaS businesses with fast, easy access to founder-friendly, non-dilutive growth capital.

Greenlytics provides data science solutions for the power industry. Our vision is to exploit the potential of data to create a sustainable energy future. Our first product WindMind is a tool for producing super-detailed wind power forecasts, which makes it possible for wind power producers to reduce the imbalance costs, increase the profitability of wind power and make wind power cheaper for the consumer.

PCT helps organizations minimize the time spent keeping track of, following up and planning recurring tasks and processes. Thanks to the intuitive interface, customers are quick and easy to get started while at the same time gaining access to traceability and reporting, which can normally only be found in much more complex systems.

PerceptiLabs’ platform is a drag-and-drop software that allows you to easily build complex AI/ML models without having to code.

Pliance helps companies automate their anti-money laundering processes with the help of a powerful and flexible API that saves both time and money for businesses by incorporating customer controls into their existing tools and workflows. By using the Pliance API, these companies can focus on their basic business, and grow faster.

Qofind develops the new generation of baby monitors that monitor both temperature and movement when the baby is asleep.

The Fit develops mobile 3D body scanner technology. With two images, a personal body ID is created that can be used to shop for the right size, measure products or virtually try on clothes. By providing body data, The Fit helps companies reduce returns and their negative climate footprint while improving both conversion and customer satisfaction.

Treeno creates a new digital communication channel between consumers and companies by building an innovative service for digital receipts. With Treeno’s service, consumers easily get their digital receipts collected in one place and a unique insight into what they spend their money on.

YourPDi, Your Personal Digitalization, is the app where you easily, quickly and securely organize and store important information and valuable documents. With the app, you never again need to root desperately in the chest of drawers, tear down old binders or look in your mobile for your valuable documentation and important information.

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