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Uncategorized February 7, 2023

14 new Sting startups out to tackle big, societal challenges

Electric boats, interactive training using simulations in a computer game environment, and a collaborative app for separated parents. These innovative solutions are included in the spring batch of Sting Accelerate, Incubate, and Incubate Deeptech. The 14 startups are meeting in Sting’s premises at A house, Stockholm, for a joint kickoff before the start of the spring programs.

The new startups in Stings program spring 23
The new startups in Stings program spring 23

“This batch includes a really exciting breadth in everything from heavy DeepTech and cloud storage to B2B SaaS solutions making organizations more efficient. We have received many high-quality applications, and it’s clear that today’s entrepreneurs really want to make a difference and contribute to positive societal development,” said Fredrik Rosengren, Program Manager for Sting Accelerate.

During the spring, the entrepreneurs will be challenged by their coaches and get access to a range of workshops. They will attend investor meetings and get to know the Sting community, consisting of hundreds of alumni, peers, investors, and industry contacts. They also receive support in everything from financing to team development, recruitment from Sting’s internal team, and a network of mentors. The startups admitted to Sting’s programs also have the option of a 500,000 sek investment from Propel Capital.

One of the new companies, Dialog, is developing a digital tool to help speech therapists and adults with language disorders attain more effective language training.

“We are about to release the first version of our product and believe Sting will be able to help us scale on the Swedish market, as a start, and later on internationally. We really look forward to being challenged by our coach and leveraging all the knowledge and experience available in the Sting community,” says Filippa Kärrfelt, co-founder of Dialog.

Another exciting company is Airzyme. Airzyme is developing an enzyme that captures carbon dioxide in processes that emit a lot of CO2, which is important in solving the climate challenge.

“We are a small team of three who work to stop global warming by using nature’s own ways of regulating carbon dioxide. Right now, we are in an intensive development phase, which is both exciting and challenging. With Sting and their coaches behind us, we get access to expertise and support that allows us to reach our goals faster,” says Roshan Pursharifi, co-founder and CEO of AirZyme

Here are the 14 selected startups.

Sting Incubate:


Enzymatic enhanced Carbon Capture – stopping global warming using nature’s own CO2 regulator. Airzyme’s solution contributes to lowering emissions by capturing carbon dioxide in processes emitting much CO2.


Independent language practice for adult speech therapy patients. Dialog’s platform facilitates speech therapists to combine speech training with home-based exercises and follow the patient’s progress in between appointments. Dialog started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation.

Foil Technologies

Helps the industry electrify fast boats. Foil technologies enables the existing boating industry to offer affordable vessels with hydrofoils to customers wanting to travel sustainably on the sea. Foil Technologies started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation.


Automatic real-world driving evaluations using AI and eye tracking. QTPIE develops automatic driving evaluations with higher accuracy and efficiency for healthcare and driving license-related applications.


Software that helps companies use the world’s most powerful microscopes for materials analysis. Scatterin facilitates using neutrons and synchrotron X-ray facilities, also known as Big Science, for materials and process analysis. Scatterin started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation.

Sea Technology

Floating terminals that can be configured for container ships, cruise ships, or the offshore wind industry. Sea Technology enables a transition to offshore container management, leading to a more sustainable and optimized logistics infrastructure. Sea Technology’s solutions will also act as a node in floating green energy production.

Transition Group

A new generation of training tools for soft skill development that is immersive, scalable, and smart. Through immersive and specially designed video games, we create a unique digital training simulator for efficient learning and results based on behavioral data. 

Sting Accelerate:

Fictive Reality

Interactive learning simulations with conversational AI. Fictive Reality helps educators create fun and engaging games in minutes. The simulations are easily integrated with all LMS systems and allow the players to fail, reflect and learn from their mistakes.


Simplifies outsourced hiring. On Fill’s easy-to-use platform, employers can access the world’s best recruiters and their candidates. The user can find, collaborate with, and manage recruitment partners, all in one place.


Saas platform for optimizing and streamlining workflows. Goodfeed’s cloud-based platform enables organizations to add a natural place for continuous reflection to generate streamlined workflows.

Happy Parents

A conflict prevention co-parenting app for separated parents and their children. Happy Parents use AI, tech, and research to provide co-parents with tools to help them optimize cooperation after divorce or separation. The app encourages health factors and minimizes risk factors in co-parenting.

Hopen Internships

Connecting people and companies to make internships happen. Hopen is an open platform where people who want industry experience connect with companies offering opportunities to learn and apply their skills. Users can find their perfect internship match by searching for specific information like availability and skills, messaging other users and confirming internship offers, all on the platform.


Shaping the future of formal meetings. Legimeet offers online and hybrid AGMs and other formal meetings to companies and organizations within the EU.  The platform is internationally scalable with technology to meet the increasing need for hybrid decision-making meetings.


Cloud provider for cost-efficient and scalable Kubernetes infrastructure. Kubernetes is the industry standard for managing software containers. Symbiosis wraps Kubernetes into a simpler, faster, and more cost-efficient package that lets small businesses fully use the infrastructure technology that is powering the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies today.