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NEWS June 15, 2022

12 up-and-coming startups pitched on Sting Demo Day

12 Startups pitched their business ideas during the spring edition of Sting Demo Day to 150 investors and other invited guests.

Sting Demo Day June 22
Sting Demo Day June 22

At Sting Demo Day, startups having gone through Sting Accelerate and Sting Incubate, get the opportunity to present their companies, ideas, and future plans to a highly qualified audience of investors.

The graduating companies offer solutions in a wide range of areas, such as Femtech, Edtech, Healthech, AI, Web3, Foodtech, and SaaS solutions for several different industries. How about, for example, a computer-driven learning platform, an app for menopausal women, NFT tickets or a staffing platform for healthcare?

“It’s always special to see our graduating companies on stage, even 20 years after we started. In total, 382 startups have gone through Sting’s programs, and Demo Day is an important event for founders to build on their network of investors and partners for the future,” said Pär Hedberg, CEO, and founder of Sting.

Hypertype was the winner, a platform that with the help of AI helps sellers write smarter emails, was voted the best pitch by the Demo Day audience.

“It was incredibly fun to be on stage last night and what an honor to be voted as the winning pitch! The support we have received from Sting in everything from solving complex problems, leadership issues and to scaling up the company, has been fantastic. Our product is not the classic AI solution and Sting understands and shares our view on how we want to build our product in a completely new area. The investor network that Sting has is invaluable and has given us a flying start from the beginning. It was great to meet so many here tonight!, ”said Teenie Fung, co-founder and CEO of Hypertype.

The companies that participated during STING Demo Day were:


2HEAL enables long-term health through holistic, people-centered healthcare. 2HEAL tackles ill health by treating the root cause – not just alleviating symptoms. They work with the entire patient’s lifestyle, including diet, exercise, rest and mental health.   


A data-driven learning app driving careers and organizations with efficiency & curiosity, creating more equitable opportunities for learning by making education more dynamic and accessible. The intelligent platform includes a social network and a marketplace with integrations with training providers and vocational-technical services.


Attini is an IT company that provides a serverless deployment framework for infrastructure as code (IaC). With this solution, organizations can improve the way they administrate large IT environments in the Cloud. Attini is flexible, secure and designed to automate your infrastructure. 


An office-sharing service for the modern and digital office. Through Awaio’s app, companies can share free spaces, workplaces, and meeting rooms. Users can easily find a workplace that suits his or her needs for the day.  


The simplest mood board tool for interior design. BONI is a cloud-based interior design tool for creating mood boards, visualizing interior design ideas, and finding products – all in one place. BONI makes it possible to combine different furniture from favorite stores and test different options. All products can easily be purchased via links to retailers.  


Simplifies and makes sales and marketing communication more personalized with the help of AI. Hypertype is a plug-and-play solution that analyzes the content of an email and provides the user with relevant sales data and previous email content and then composes personal superfast responses.


A world leading service for recovery after pregnancy and childbirth. With new mothers’ health as our primary focus, Momentus offers an evidence-based, digital support service. Created by medical professionals, Momentus supports and offer guidance to new mothers during the first year of recovery after childbirth.


Ensures the origin of art with the help of chemistry, blockchain and NFT technology. NfinityMark enables artists to create an undeniable link between their physical artwork, blockchain and NFT. NfinityMark contains a unique, chemically engineered serial number which when applied to a work of art, gives the piece a digital identity that protects its origins. It creates security both for creators and collectors and opens new opportunities in metaverse applications.  


Olivia is a digital tool to help women track, understand and minimize menopausal symptoms. Using technology, Olivia creates evidence-based therapeutic interventions that support a healthy lifestyle and decrease menopausal symptoms. 


A global food market that connects independent chefs and customers. Sizzle supports, promotes, and develops independent entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industries and connects them to customers who want a global kitchen. The shared infrastructure makes it easy for contractors to sell their authentic dishes without advance costs and long lead times. Global culinary creativity available to everyone.    


Event tickets for Web3. Tixy.nft is a ticket platform and marketplace built on blockchain technology. The platform gives creators and fans access to a more modern, fairer, and safer ticket experience for both physical and virtual events. Tixy.nft started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation


A platform for sustainable staffing in healthcare. Vivium is a cloud-based platform that contributes to safer and more cost-effective internal and external staffing in healthcare.